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Gateway Drugs – Know The Warning Signs

gwdsGateway drugs is a term used frequently by the media and in textbooks. Generally, alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco are described as “gateway” drugs, drugs that can lead to later abuse of other chemicals.

What is the connection between using tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana and later use of other drugs? Some studies from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicate that young smokers are 14 times more likely to abuse alcohol than the general population. These smokers are 100 times more likely to use marijuana and 32 times more likely to use cocaine.

There are …

What Is A Snore Mouthpiece?

Obviously, most snoring mouthpieces aren't this freaky!

Obviously, most snoring mouthpieces aren’t this freaky!

The snore mouthpiece is one of the most phenomenal inventions for snorers. That is the name given to a device that promises to help the snorers of the world. As the definition says, a snore mouthpiece is one that fits into your mouth and helps to keep the airway clear. This allows for easier breathing and once that happens, there is no noise that erupts from your throat at each obstruction. You can see how only a mouthpiece can achieve this result.

The positive thing about this is …

Going Green: Easier Than You Think!

ggAs a typical American, you create about 4 pounds of trash a day. All those milk cartons and paper bags and apple cores and used-up plastic pens add up to 11500 pounds of garbage a year.

You can just dump it in the trash can and forget about R. But your city or town has a much harder time getting rid of it. Most communities cart their garbage off to landfills or burn it in incinerators. These solutions, however, create their own problems.

Landfills (huge garbage dumps) can poison the earth and groundwater as some …

Going Back To Work Is Tricky For Some Women

gbtwitLanding that first job after a hiatus can be daunting, and many women experience a crisis of confidence. Employer resistance doesn’t help. “Many companies are suspicious if you’ve been out of the workforce for one or two years. If you’re out three to five years, it’s almost as though you’ve lost all your work skills,” says Nick Burkholder, assistant vice president, corporate staffing at CIGNA in Philadelphia.

Then there’s the matter of competition — workers some ten to 15 years younger than you. “They’re fresh, skilled, and vibrant,” says Linda Shepard, 51, who went …

Pets: Sometimes Great, Sometimes, Holy Terrors!

petsAnimal-behavior experts will tell you that barking is a perfectly normal behavior. However, in some situations it is not. One of those situations is if you are a person.

“Roouf!” says John C. Wright. He is standing by his car in a parking lot in Atlanta. Wright, a certified animal behaviorist, is demonstrating an antibark collar that emits a high-pitched tone when it detects barking. Wright’s bark is friendly enough, but it appears to have unnerved the owner of the Toyota parked beside us.

“Roouf!” he says again. The collar beeps in his hands. …

Moving On Can Take Courage

fsSlowly I sipped my tea and looked about me — down at the uneven paving on the terrace where Joe had replaced the bricks that summer he and Liza visited, the stone railing in front of which my son-in-law’s parents and I posed with our grandchildren one Mother’s Day (why does seven years ago feel like yesterday?), the little bush under the terrace that grew from a plant my daughter-in-law and I put in the ground the week after my husband, Lee, died. I saw the tiny brick path we’d laid stretching from the drive …

Eating Disorders Hurt More Than Just The Victim

edpDiana was slowly dying. She’d gone from weighing 125 pounds to barely 50. Eve her doctors were pessimistic — but I refused to give up hope.

My 14-year-old daughter was about to graduate from junior high, and I’d decided to get her a gift. But when I asked her what she wanted, I got a very strange response. “The only thing I want,” she said, “is to lose some weight. Is it okay if I drink some liquid diet meals instead of eating lunch every day?”

I was taken aback. Obviously, this was not what …

Sorting Out Sibling Rivalries

sosrMost of us go to heroic lengths to head off tensions between kids: We divvy up bags of M&M’s into precise portions, give artwork equal representation on the fridge, buy each child new sneakers when only one really needs them. Unfortunately, as we know all too well, none of these tactics guarantee harmony.

“Sibling rivalry is a redundant phrase — if you have siblings, you have rivalry,” says Susan Witt, Ph.d., professor of family and child development at the University of Akron. “My kids have actually fought over who gets to throw away …

Sex And Pain: Unfortunate Partners For Some Women

sapBarbara Davis loved her husband, but she’d begun to dread sex. “The pain was excruciating, recalls Davis, 40, an advertising executive in New York City. She became very timid about wanting to be intimate. “Sometimes, it would hurt so much that we’d have to stop midway.”

At some point in their lives, most women experience at least one episode of painful sex. In most cases, doctors say. the discomfort is transient and doesn’t recur. But for some women, sex is persistently uncomfortable. Although it’s not clear how many are affected, in one study, one third …

Feeding The Hungry Rocks!

fthrsA 46-year-old father of five, Syd Mandelbaum attends some 80 rock concerts a year. But he doesn’t go to sing along with the band. Armed with plastic wrap and a cooler, he stations himself backstage, where he collects food for the hungry.

Rock bands typically order up huge quantities of edibles to be consumed during and after concerts. In the past, much of the food would go to waste. Six years ago, Mandelbaum founded Rock and Wrap It Up!, now an international network of volunteers who collect the leftovers, then distribute them to nearby shelters …